Just Interested in History?

Explore archives!

Archives are brilliant. They connect us directly with the people who lived in the past.

Whatever your interest, you will find all sorts of fascinating material in archives. Discover for yourself the thrill of using records created by past generations.

This diary was written in the trenches of the First World War by Tom Owen, a farm labourer from Anglesey. Unfortunately, like so many others, Tom did not survive the war. His diary was returned to his family and is now held by the Anglesey Record Office.

Map of Conwy held by Archives and Special Collections, Bangor University

Maps can transport us back to the past in an instant. This map dates back to 1776, when Owen Holland of Plas Isa, Conwy, had a set of plans drawn up by A. Bowdler, to show all of his properties. This is one of the plans, showing the properties he owned in the town of Conwy.

This Register of Felons lists those accused of serious crimes who were sent to Carmarthen gaol in the mid nineteenth century. It is held by the Carmarthenshire Record Office (reference ACC 4916)

As a taster, why not explore the digital images of archives available online on various websites. Or find out What’s Happening – check out current exhibitions and events.

Then set off on your own quest to look at records in archive repositories around Wales.

Remember, though, that not all archives repositories have exhibitions. If you plan to visit an archive that does not have an exhibition, or has only a small display of documents, it’s a good idea have an area or subject of research in mind. To find out what sort are archives are held, why not browse the catalogue on this website? It only contains summary catalogues, but it gives an indication of the collections that are held in all archives across Wales.